Overhead Garage Storage Orem UT

If you are residing in a house long enough, you are going to accumulate things. It doesn’t matter if you recently moved to a more spacious home you will have belongings that need to be stashed away for several other purposes. Without any doubt, you might have noticed many homeowners who use their garage as a dumping ground for extra storage. But isn’t your garage there to park your car? Remember, you will find a good deal of storage space in your garage even when your car is parked. What you need to do is lookup for new garage storage ideas. How about Overhead Garage Storage Orem UT?

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Garage Overhead Storage

Overhead Garage Storage Helps:

Overhead garage storage is a practical alternative when you have things to store away, but the floor space is not enough. Your garage walls offer an exceptional position to install garage racks, shelving, and cabinets for your storage needs. You can consult a professional like Rack Your Garage for ideas that cover wall to wall, as well as ones that use a cable system to lift and drop the entire shelf to assist in storing items onto it. You just need to determine two things:

  • How much extra space you have? 
  • What is the structure of your garage?

The initial task that you need to figure out before considering what kind of storage options you have is to park your car(s) in the garage as you would and lower the door. This way it becomes easy to evaluate where the extra space is for overhead garage storage.

Make sure to take everything into account such as where you need to walk as you don’t want anything that is going to clog your path. Make sure to clear the path especially If you have stored breaker box, water heater, or heating/air conditioning unit in your garage. 

Lastly, when you have determined where the right space is, then you can analyze the various options possible for installing overhead garage storage. Another benefit is that you can use shelves or cabinets that mount to the walls of the garage. These are easy to install and offer great advantages. 

Add Garage Racks & Shelves With Overhead Garage Storage

You can install garage storage like racks, shelves either at the front of the structure or on the side walls above your cars. You might use the space for units that stand on the floor and use anchors for support. As long as they do not start touching the ceiling, you have ample space on top to store several small boxes and bins. 

Also, garage shelves and racks can be hung from the ceiling and used to hold items. Especially, sports or mountain bicycles are great candidates to be raised to the attic with a cable lift to be stored for long periods, such as over the wintertime.

It is crucial to understand that the climate that you live in will dictate what you can store in your garage. Remember, even if your garage has HVAC that controls the temperature inside, there is no other area of your home that you open a whole wall to the surface to move things in and out. So, make sure items that are sensitive to heat and cold are not good suitors for garage storage. Also, it is a good idea to preserve stored items in plastic bins or boxes to protect them from the dust and grime that usually finds its way into the garages by different means.

Making use of the extra space in your garage for Overhead Garage Storage Orem UT is a great way to enhance the look of your garage. Especially to get some items out of your house and save money by not needing to rent space off-site for these items. Even if you are using overhead garage storage to get items off the floor of the garage, you are still making things more suitable for yourself and your garage. 

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