Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I book an appointment? Click on "Prices & Booking" in the menu book an appointment and we will be right out to you at the time you schedule.

2. Minimum installation height requirement? Rack Your Garage offers customized rack installation in your garage. The drop from the ceiling is adjustable between 18-43 inches of useable space and we will help you decide how far down will make sense in your garage at the beginning of the appointment.

3. What would be the storage volume for racks? Our storage volume in an 8' x 4' rack, adjusted to the height of 43" would be approximately 128 cubic feet or 20 medium sized totes.

4. Can I have the overhead storage shelves installed professionally? Here at Rack Your Garage our technicians will meet you during your appointment to plan out and install storage racks in the same visit.

5. How long would it take to install garage rack? It takes a professional one to two hours to install one rack.

6. Can someone come out and help me decide what I need? At the beginning of every appointment we will always measure your garage and discuss where would be best to put storage, as well as how many racks would reasonably fit your needs. (We only charge for what we install)

7. Will you come and quote me first? We come with the racks to the appointment and will install what makes sense so if you are thinking of installing, for example 3-4 racks please book in for 4 just incase, so we have enough material and time allocated. We do everything all in one visit to save you time and so we can keep the cost down.

8. Can I get hooks to hang items from the rack? We always have the hooks for the racks with us to show, so you can decide if you need them.

9. What else should I know before I book an appointment? You will get a confirmation email once scheduled then a reminder email and text 24hrs before the appointment. When scheduling please select your county and when you are entering your address please include the city so we make it to you on time. All sales are final.