The Untold Story About Overhead Garage Racks

Overhead Garage Racks

The story you are about to read is our customer testimonial. John Randall, 32, resident of Herriman. He shares his story on how Overhead Garage Racks helped him. He had a beautiful house in the suburbs. His house has a beautiful living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a garage. He loved his garage as he had the luxury to park his beautiful Chevy every day.

So, John got married and his wife started their new life in john’s home. With passing time, the garage started filling with old clothes, Christmas decorations and things that weren’t used that often.

Although John loved his wife but deep inside he was anxious as his beautiful garage was full of clutter. The family was growing. His chevy has lost its charisma with all the jumble around. He was anxious that a day will come when he won’t be able to park his car inside the garage.

A friend of John’s, Dylan, came to the house one day and told John about Overhead Garage Racks. John was not sure about the idea.

So, that night John went on the internet and did his research. And the next day he ordered overhead garage storage racks and started to install them himself.

John was now assure that his problems will diminish. And the garage will be the same as he had before. He would be able to park his car inside which does not look new and fresh anymore.

But things didn’t work out as planned. The install was harder than he imagined and how it looked on the instructions. He wasn’t happy using a drill on top of his ladder and couldn’t be sure he was getting all the brackets securely into the ceiling. He thought it would take an hour or so but after 4 hour he didn’t have the first rack up. So, he contacted Rack Your Garage and asked if they could install the rack he had started.

As John shared his short story, the representative advised him to let the experts handle this and do the installation for him so he can absolutely be sure. Also his time was important to him and didn’t want to spend a whole weekend installing a few storage racks.

The next day an expert on Rack Your Garage visit John’s house and noticed the rack he had started to install. It was partly in place but not appropriately installed. So the expert finished the install of all the racks John had. John realized where he was going wrong. Today, John is parking his Chevy back in his garage and the clutter he was anxious about is in the right place.

Overhead storage racks can be difficult and time consuming to install on the wall or ceiling if you haven’t done it before. Also, these racks have the capacity of carrying heavy-duty equipment so they need to be anchored correctly. The benefit of buying these racks from Rack Your Garage is that you know they will be well installed, keeping you and your family safe.

Do Overhead Garage Racks come in Particular Sizes?

Most of our customers have a question that stops them from ordering it. We assure you that how vast or small your house is, we are capable enough to create a customized rack for you. And we assure you that you won’t be disappointed. We request you to share the accurate measurement of your room or where you want these racks to be.

Do These Racks Get Rusty After Some Time?

In our experience, none of our customers ever complained about such issues. If you need more guidance, call us at 801- 349-7156.

Will I Get A Professional Help If Racks Become Loose?

Of course, helping our customers is our first priority. If you are facing any issues with racks, email or call us and we will send out a professional. This doesn’t happen on the racks we have installed. We have certainly helped out on racks installed by others though.

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