Garage Storage Payson UT

If you’re one of those garage owners who haven’t park their car in their garage for a long time. If you are one of those whose garage is a storage disaster, or if you are among those who continually swear to clean and organize in the spring. You may want to tackle your garage sooner rather than later. Rack Your Garage is listing common garage storage Payson UT mistakes that won’t just help with the usage, flow, and space of your garage, but also help you prevent any kind of accidents.

Garage Storage Payson UT

Mistake #1: Tools & Equipment(Lawn & Yard)

Every garage becomes a regular home to the tools that we often use to take care of our yards. At last, who would enjoy cleaning a mower, string trimmer, hedge clippers, and other tools neatly away after spending a long day working under the scorching sun?

The most common mistakes in garage storage are to hang your yard & lawn equipment on the rusted nails(Happens due to air conditioning in the garage or moisture) especially if it has blades or sharp edges.

Instead, invest in a pegboard or a sturdy garage racks. Installing such a garage storage system ensures the safety of all equipment from falling. Also, every tool can be stored neatly away in seconds, freeing up space, and saving you time.

Mistake #2: Garden Hoses Especially Uncoiled

We all are aware that how everyone hates to coil up a hose. But you should do so because if left uncoiled could lead to tripping and falling.

The best way to extend the life of the hose and save yourself from a nasty fall is to store them coiled on a garage rack.

Mistake #3: Riding Or Mountain Bikes

The menace of every garage is bikes. They are bulky and hard to store, isn’t it? Whether you own riding or mountain bikes, it takes up more space than necessary and leaving most of the American garage with limited room in their garage.

The answer to this problem is quite simple. Hanging your bikes upside down to the ceiling with the help of hooks. Make sure to install sturdy hooks only. 

Mistake #4: Paint

It is a common misconception among most American’s that the garage is the perfect place to store paint. We understand that all of your other house-related tools are stored in your garage. But your garage can be exposed to a humid environment that can ruin those expensive cans of paint.

We are all aware that paint needs a dry and cool place for storage. To retain its texture, paint needs an evenly consonant atmosphere. It means no tense temperature shifts, no cold, no vulnerability to moisture, and no excessive heat during the summer months.

Avoid These Mistakes And Organize Your Garage

Most of us put off cleaning our garages, but in doing so, we are creating our own worst opponent in general storage mistakes that can quickly turn into safety risks.

It does not take long for a garage to convert into an unorganized, dysfunctional mess. Alternatively, you can smartly organize your garage by bypassing these common mistakes. 

Organization Does not Work with Small Garages:

Organizing your garage and removing all the unwanted stuff and still facing storage problems. Understand this, the issue is not your stuff but it is your garage. There is an answer to such problems and it starts by installing garage storage

What Rack Your Garage Has To Offer?

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