Garage Storage Ideas Share By Professionals of Rack Your Garage

Garage Storage Ideas

In the last few decades, every homeowner has built a garage only to park cars. As per the studies, almost 34% of American citizens have space to park their beloved cars in the garage. Recently, garages have been turned into storage and hobbies areas. The biggest challenge every homeowner faces is how to store things inside. In this article, Rack your garage will share some storage ideas. These garage storage ideas will help you to make things easier for you on how to park and access your belongings.

Organizing and Decluttering Your Garage Made Easy:

Before designing a perfect garage, it needs to be decluttered. Garages have apparently become homeward to various odds and ends in recent years. Sorting and cleaning these items has become a big task for every homeowner. And it doesn’t help if the belongings in your garage don’t stay orderly for long. Here are three tips for the beginners:

Clean Your Garage

Plan a weekend to enter your garage and get rid of all the clutter. You can go through completely everything you own in your garage and classify your stuff into three different piles:

  1. Keep,
  2. Donate/sell,
  3. Throw out.

Now, in the keep section, you can categorize your things like sports equipment, camping gear, and so on.

Plan On How To Utilize Your Space:

Before you go any further and start putting your stuff back, plan on how you are going to store your items. Measure your garage and sketch a floor plan. The professional way is to store items you do not use very often like seasonal accessories. And store them in the hard-to-reach places. Now you have enough space at the front for items that you use frequently.

Invest Your Saving In Garage Storage System.

The pro way to maintain your garage clutter-free is to keep things off the floor. You can install racks, hooks, and overhead garage storage to keep your stuff safe for the years to come.

Garage Storage System:

Now, if you are satisfied and your garage looks clean, here are some ideas that will keep your garage clutter-free with the help of a garage storage system. Keep reading further for some creative and innovative ideas to get peace of mind with a clean and sophisticated garage.

Overhead Garage Storage:

If you are ignoring your ceiling, then we suggest you utilize it. It is the perfect space to store long flat items like ladders. One can also add hanging racks to stash camping equipment or other annual things. It is considered the best way to keep belonging off the floor by many homeowners. Installing overhead garage storage gives you and your car ample space to be in place as well.

Use racks instead of closets:

if you are planning on installing cabinets, STOP! Use the wire or wooden shelves instead. Op[en shelves and racks help you declutter your garage more effectively. Also, one gets the benefit of finding all the items stored. Additionally, closets need a clearance area for the doors to swing open. This limits the volume of usable space in your garage.

Pegboard Are The Best:

If you like hanging your things, pegboards are perfect. You can attach hooks to a thick pegboard. It creates a better display of things. You can put things like hardware equipment, hand tools, and gardening tools. Also, pegboards are considered both resolute and easy to rearrange. Pegboards are perfect for garages who do not have enough area.

Group similar items together:

The best way to organize your garage is to divide your shelves into sections. And assign each section to a group of items like bikes, maintenance tools, gardening tools, etc. Managing all your items assorted makes it more accessible to find things and promotes long-term organization.

Hope these ideas can help you organize your garage in a better way. But if you are finding trouble in installing these things, then Rack Your Garage is here to help you. With years of experience, we have excelled professionals who would love to guide and install a professionally designed overhead storage racks. Call us on 801-349-7156 or visit our website.