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If you are planning to revamp, remodel, or just organize and de-clutter your garage space, you need to have a plan. Also, if you have created a plan, you will find hundreds of storage variations available. You can choose or combine garage racks, overhead garage storage, hooks, cabinets, and Garage Shelving Park City UT

It can be much remarkable! Rack Your Garage team provides garage storage solutions to the entire Utah area. We are all aware that not everyone is intimate with all the varieties and techniques. So our team has compiled an inside scoop on garage shelving in this article.

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Introduction: Garage Shelving

We are certain that you’ll start with the main garage shelving. It can be installed on one, two, or all three walls of your garage. Also, the garage shelving should be installed(Expert’s Advice) high enough to be out of the reach of children. But need to be accessible enough to easily reach without straining. 

Such garage shelves are capable of holding stacked or single rows of totes, trunks, and everything else you want out of the way. We assure you that rack your garage created garage shelves are capable of holding the weight.

Demoting Garage Shelves:

Garage shelves that can be demoted or elevated are probably the coolest thing ever. We love the versatility they provide. Things are always evolving and seldom your garage needs change as well. These shelving can provide between 2-5 shelves(customized one) when required, and can easily fold up against the wall when the work is done. 

This adaptable system created by professionals of Rack Your Garage offers unlimited possibilities once installed in your garage. It can also come in handy for the renovated garage that’s been turned into a gym or workspace. These shelves can be installed on the wall space right next to the door that leads directly into the house. Once placed in the right place it’s perfect for everyday things like umbrellas, shoes, pet supplies, extra pantry items, and so much more. Demoting garage shelves gives you the benefit of moving from one to another area of the garage. 

Inverted Garage Shelves:

Such garage shelves are created by utilizing wasted space above windowpanes, closets, or over the garage door. All garage owners hate wasted space, especially in their beloved garage! And to your benefit, inverted garage shelving is pretty high, you’ll need to use it for those items that don’t serve the purpose at the particular time.

If you want to store something on the garage shelves, storage totes are one of them. Make sure you always explicitly label your totes with a thick black marker. Stored items in bins are quickly overlooked and there’s nothing more stressful than pulling down 100 totes to find any item you need.

Movable Garage Shelves:

Here is another option you can go for when renovating your garage. Such shelves can be moved to any location and offer a quick solution where extra space is required. With the help of a movable shelf, you will be able to stock these items right there where they belong instead of another section of your garage. Keeping everything in its place is the solution to having an organized garage.

Garage Shelvings

Rack Your Garage: 

Rack Your Garage make sure that your garage will be transformed and will surely look modern and contemporary. If you are not in the mood to install Garage Shelving Park City UT manually. You can give us a call on 801-349-7156 and our experts will be there in no time. You can also visit our website and get your appointment on our price and booking section