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If you are looking for an additional storage area in your garage, choosing garage shelves is the best option. The next step is to prepare and regulate your garage space to comprehend where you can install the shelf as well as what size rack is appropriate in your garage. Creating such plans limits you from buying a rack that will not fit and it will point out other spots you could potentially put on hanging Garage Shelves Provo UT.

Garage Shelves

Now, you can round up tools to create your plan. Utilize a journal and pen to track dimensions and draw various layouts you think of. With the help of a stable step ladder and good-quality measuring tape, you can commence your plan. Gauging tapes recognize how far you can stretch them by a feature known as a standout.

It will be helpful to have a measuring tape with a minimum of 7-8′ standout. Alternatively, you can ask for help to measure long distances. Lastly, you may require a stud finder to resolve the course of your ceiling beams. A few garage racks can be installed only across the roof beams. 

But such options will narrow your choices of where you can install it in your garage. Quite a few units come with ceiling hangers over 22″ that connect flush to the ceiling in whichever adjustment is expected to cross several beams. And also an elevated support section is installed to the roof section on whatever side is important to get the favored positioning of the shelf. Commonly speaking, your can look for choices in location

  1. Corners
  2. Down a wall
  3. Floating in the middle of the ceiling space.


If you have chosen the corners, then the installations are the least difficult. Corners are normally a good out-of-the-way place for storing different items. Along a wall presents supplementary options for installing your shelving.  

You can also connect varied units to extend the entire length of the wall. Center installation transforms more of the ceiling as possible storage space. You might get easy convenience to either side of a rack when it is mounted or overhead storage. Because a 5-foot deep rack is often stored double-deep with cartons it’s beneficial to be able to dump from either side.

Think about these often-overlooked places for garage shelves installation. If you own enough space above your garage door and opens it without any hassle, you might be able to install the shelving there. Make sure to check the rack manufacturer’s instructions or call an expert like Rack your garage if you are living in Utah. This helps you to determine the minimum perpendicular space required for this kind of installation.


Installing garage shelves on the wall above the entrance door is a great spot, as well. For people who have typical 7-8 foot ceilings and are not sure where to install the garage rack. You can consider an unusually crossed corner. If you own equipment like the lawnmower, gardening tools, etc. can be stored on the ground under a corner rack. And you still can utilize the space above these floor items for storage. The region over the bonnet of your vehicle is a supplementary often ignored space for storage. 

You can also place the shelving high enough so that you are content with the range between your hood and the storage rack. Make sure that any segments projecting from your hoods, for example, the wire or aftermarket accessories.

In the end, we as experts of rack your garage suggest you ask a professional for such kind of job. Installing Garage Shelves Provo UT might look easy for a newbie but trust us it is not. You might get into an accident or after completion, you can be disappointed. 

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