Why Choose Garage Storage clearfield UT

Maintaining your garage tidy and organized can seem like an annoyance. But following these simple tips can help you maximize the space you have and store items so they are quickly attainable. How is it possible? Simply by installing garage storage clearfield UT by a professional.


It might be an arduous experience to maximize the space in your garage if you are unaware of what’s in it. Whether you determine to take the project on in little pieces or dedicate the whole weekend, de-cluttering your garage is always the first step to clearing up more space. Also, garage storage clearfield UT is a great way to get your garage manageable.

garage storage clearfield UT

The most efficient way to get through your stuff in your garage is to go through them each personally and determine what you want to sell and what is still dear to you. 

Here are certain things to consider during this process:

  • Ask yourself whether you have used the item in the last year, and will you use it anytime soon? If no, sell or donate it.
  • Is it a souvenir, and you will feel guilty throwing something out? If your answer is no, donate it or sell it. If it’s yes, make sure to install a garage rack to place it.
  • Always ask yourself before making a decision: What could you do with the money if you get rid of useless things in your garage? Or what you can do with the left space? Last but not least, go with your gut feeling. 
  • Make sure to check whether you have any kind of hazardous or toxic items you are planning to get rid of? If yes, you need to discard those items properly.

Innovative Ideas For Your Wall Space

It’s your garage, why not try some innovative ideas with your space? Make sure to start by creating a simple wall storage system. And adding recycle bins, tool racks, and other types of wall units like pegboards. There’s a lot you can achieve on a weekend. We normally recommend thinking out what you need to stash and then determining how you want to conserve it. 

Walls are the only part of the house is one of the great places to put in garage racks to keep your stuff off of the garage floor and looking neat! Not all of us are handy with DIY, so Rack Your Garage is always happy to advise on your next renovation and help out depending on your needs, so give us a call on 801-349-7156.


Pegboard is the most useful part of garages. They are a simple and easy way to hang gadgets and tools exactly where you can find them when you need them. You can also use the pegboard like a backsplash in between cupboards and on the wall. The great way to add value is by adding wire brackets. This way you can hang baskets for more miniature items like hardware, nails, and anything. This way you can stay organized and easy to find.  


Garage Cabinets are an easier way to store items and keep them neat from grime and smut in the garage with cabinets. An inherent advantage of installing garage cabinets is that they retain your things safe, and they add a gratifying artistic feel to your newly organized garage. 

Lastly, stored items are easily obtainable when required but out of reach of curious toddlers, especially important for toxic or combustible elements.

Rack your Garage is a Utah based company that has been helping people get their garage back in order. So, if you are feeling that your garage needs help, do not hesitate to call us and get everything organized.