Things you should never store in your Garage

Every Garage Is different, and some of them have the potential to invite pests more than others to reside over. They have no temperature control as they become chilling cold in the winter season and hot like fire on sunny summer days. That’s primarily why you must know about the things that you should never store in your Garage. There are many reasons, including wear and tear, being prone to danger, etc.

In this blog, we will walk you through some of the most surprising items that you must have been storing in your Garage all this while but should never put there in the first place.  

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Oily Rags And Mats 
Oily rags can cause spontaneous combustion when they are stored in a hot area. In simple words, oily rags are easy to start a fire in your house that may even be too late to put out, leading to an unforeseen tragedy. But still, if you want to store it in your Garage, eliminate the oil by covering it with a detergent and water. Next, keep it inside an airtight and non-combustible container.

Paint, Yes!
You read it right, and this may surprise you, but most homeowners store paint in their storage, but that should never be done. This might come as a shock to you, but paint shouldn’t be stored in the Garage. Wondering why? Because different kinds of paints have different formulas explicitly designed for specific temperatures. Paint can quickly get spoiled and destroyed when exposed to extreme temperatures. Paints are expensive, so it would be wise of you to store them in your basement than at a place prone to extreme temperatures.

It is a prevalent practice to store firewood in the Garage. But, you are not doing the right thing since bugs who love to reside in firewood, including wood-boring beetles, carpenter ants, termites, spiders, wasps, and roaches, would make their way into your home. Secondly, wood doesn’t always dry inside the Garage and could spread mold spores when used for fire and can be a health hazard for everyone around. This the best way to store your firewood is outside in a dry place with wind blocks.

Sleeping Bags 
Sleeping bags are not safe in your Garage, as mice and other pests can make their way inside them and make a nest out of them. We are sure you don’t want to grab your camping bag at the last minute and find the rats and insects living comfortably in them.

Propane Tanks 
If you are a fan of grillers and have it at your place, chances are you also have a propane tank. Storing a griller and propane tank in your Garage can make your entire house burn. The moment you start your car at the Garage with a leaking propane tank nearby, it may ignite a fire and leave your Garage in flames. So, store your propane tanks outside somewhere and never in an enclosed space exposed to high temperatures.

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