Overhead Garage Storage Rack: What Are They?

Overhead Garage Storage Rack

Are you still facing the clutter issues all-around your garage? Is it the only issue you are not able to resolve? If you are still in the gauntlet of confusion about how to manage your garage in an orderly manner then we have the answer. With careful consideration, rack your garage has created something unique and desirable for every garage owner that is known as overhead garage storage racks. 

As we all are aware of the fact that the garage will eventually become the most jumbled room in one’s house. Also, people have ignored the fact for quite some time now that garages are built to park cars. Garages are often used as an extension of the house. Most of us use garages to store used and unused household items.

In reality, garages are not intended to use as a storage place. But since it is used as an extra storage area, it turns to become the most cluttered, congested and disordered place in the entire home. Now, let’s continue the part where we will guide you on how to resolve this issue for you. The hard way is to throw or sell all your unused items. If you are skipping this step then some special storage facilities are needed. You can install overhead garage storage racks that would help to maximize the space around your garage. Also, one can utilize all vacant space as storage.

Overhead Garage Storage: Introduction

Overhead garage storage is designed to help consumers keep their garage floor free of clutter. If you are interested, rack your garage builts a wide variety of overhead storage racks. And as the name suggests that such racks are installed in the ceiling. These racks offer you more free space that can be used as an extra parking area or as a workspace for assorted crafts. The other advantage you can get from overhead garage storage is that you can collect and store rarely used items. And when the time comes, one has easy access at the time of need. 

Types of Overhead Garage Storage Rack:

Here is a list of some important models of overhead storage systems that can help you:

  • Steel Box Frame 
  • Storehouse Racks
  • Wire Grid Rack
  • J-shaped Hanging Brackets
  • Bike Hangers
  • Heavy-duty Storage Pulley Hoist
  • Metal Systems
  • White Grid

Read This Before You Install These Racks:

Experts of rack your garage suggest that before taking any further action, one needs to make an appropriate plan. 


Firstly, you need to ascertain the structural dimensions and form of your space. Material applied in ceilings must be capable enough to handle the extra heavy load of stored items. If not make sure to install them under the proper guidance of the professionals. 

Will Storage Racks Stay UP?

All overhead storage racks must be anchored into the wood joists that make up your ceiling. Don’t worry if there is drywall over joists we have the tools to locate the joists and put the bolts straight into the wood above. People not taking the time to make sure all bolts go directly into the joist are the only ones with issues with these racks in the future Having installed thousands of storage racks we know how to ensure we have hit the wood joists. In fact we use an impact drill to drive the bolts into the joist this also confirms that we are in the joist as the impact drills force . 

Make sure to identify all the factors and then decide what kind of storage equipment you can use or install. Overhead racks are the most widely used as overhead garage storage.

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